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Theory Meets the Road


It is a good day when I can dig back into my textbooks (or refresh myself with Wikipedia review) and pull out a timely reference to one of those theories I studied in school. One theory in particular seems to be coming up for me quite regularly nowadays. The theory of cognitive dissonance was originally proposed by social psychologist Leon …

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Have you heard of me?


As marketers we spend a great deal of time and money attempting to make consumers aware of our products and services, essentially creating a niche in the clutter of the market. Creating awareness in the minds of the consumers is step one in the long process of filling the sales pipeline. As such it needs its own measurement in order …

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Search and Ye Will Find

Search And Find

In today’s online marketing world the term ‘search’ invariably refers to search engine optimization or search engine marketing or Google, or some other derivative. However, long before SEO and SEM search meant something more than just key words and pay per click. As market researchers our interest is not in just ‘how’ a consumer or business client found us, but …

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Which path will you take?

Which Path

There are many paths to satisfaction…measurement that is. Marketing researchers are notorious for their need to measure a customer’s satisfaction with the product or service in question. This measurement process can range from the simple Net Promoter Score®, a single item with an 11-point scale, to complex models based upon multiple constructs. The aim of this post is not to …

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Surveying outside of the box

Outside The Box

Let’s face it we are now working in era where engagement is king. From a survey perspective, this means keeping our research short, on focus and as visual as possible. Long surveys that require the respondent to work through countless questions, many of which will not be relevant to them, can no longer be the norm. Stephanie Kimball, of Chadwick …

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