About Us

Who we are

Anova Market Research brings to your organization a commitment to uncovering the key drivers that will impact your place in the market. Going one step further we believe it is vital to take that understanding and incorporate it into your marketing strategy and measurement.  We bring to you decades of experience in developing and implementing research activities that support customer acquisition, retention, media planning, satisfaction measurement, brand awareness, and increased marketing ROI.

What we do

For organizations with a desire to turn data into knowledge and that knowledge into action, Anova Market Research can assist you in that process. The consulting staff at Anova Market Research hold graduate degrees and have conducted hundreds of surveys, thus you will always be speaking and working with world-class market researchers. We provide quick turnaround market research support to companies, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations seeking to get closer to their customers, constituents, donors and prospects. In addition to our fast delivery of results, our low-cost, decentralized structure allows us to give you the data you need at a competitive price.

Data does not equal understanding

Companies that have a deep understanding of their current and potential customers can outmaneuver the competition. Data is the new currency that drives innovation and marketplace success, but it will take you nowhere unless you can turn it into knowledge.

  • What to consider when thinking about marketing data:
  • How deep is your understanding of the customer or prospect?
  • Do you have ‘Big Data’ but little or no knowledge of how to leverage it?
  • Do you experience frustration with the time it takes to complete research?
  • Are you being left being by the competition?

…Can you afford to be left behind?


The team at Anova Market Research brings combined experience across all aspects of the marketing research process and across several industry verticals. Areas of expertise include: survey development, programming using state of the art online survey platforms, data coding and analysis via SPSS, report writing, presentation to stakeholders, and panel management.

Industry vertical experience includes newspapers and media, financial services, public sector (including transit), specialty retail, manufacturing, technology training, and brand development.  Our combined experience spans the range of research needs from B2B to consumer to the public sector and non-profit.

For any type of survey or market research project, Anova Market Research has the experience to meet your needs.