I can’t get no…satisfaction!

I Cant Go No

Creating satisfied customers is an admirable goal. However, at the end of the day, will it create evangelists that will tell their friends, neighbors, co-workers, even their mother-in-law about your brand? Satisfaction is good, but does it mean they will come back and spend more of their hard earned cash with you? What percent of your customers would you label as ‘secure’ meaning they are satisfied, willing to speak on your behalf, and will be back next week?

Customers that are not secure can and will check out your competition at a rate much higher than your loyal evangelists. Survey research, when combined with an in-depth analysis of your transactional data and some social media scrapping thrown in for good measure, can provide a deeper picture of why your loyal customers stay with you and what separates them from those who are at risk for leaving the fold to go with a competitor.

Anova Market Research can help you measure satisfaction, loyalty and willingness to recommend on annual basis or more frequently through tracking studies. Either way you win by knowing more about those customers who are securely in your corner and about those who are not so sure. This foundational data can drive both acquisition and retention marketing programs.


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Greg TimpanySince 1988 Greg has delved into the world of marketing, analytics and strategy. His expertise bridges the space between the structured world of IT and the creative, customer-centric needs of marketing. His thought leadership is sought out by executives in B2B, B2C and the public sector. Currently he directs the research efforts for Cary, NC based Global Knowledge. In addition he is a contributing author to the Cvent Survey blog; an instructor for Meredith College and Research Rockstar. As an entrepreneur he is co-founder of Anova Market Research. Past engagements have included working with The Los Angeles Times, Guitar Center and Wilkin Guge Marketing. He can be followed at: www.anovamarketresearch.com and http://survey.cvent.com/View all posts by Greg Timpany →